Look kindly, Lord,
upon this family that trusts in you,
as we prepare
to celebrate a special moment
in our fraternal life:
a time when we meet to review
our commitment to the gospel.
Help us hear
the voice of your Spirit
and receive your word in faith;
renew within us
ideals of true service,
love for your Church
and zeal for your kingdom.
Assist and make holy
our prior general and all brothers
who take part in the chapter.
Give them wisdom in discernment,
prudence in judgment,
firmness in decision
and vision in planning.
May nothing hinder
their true harmony
and may the diversity of views
be reflected in common goals;
respecting our traditions
and attentive
to the signs of the times,
may they act always
with true concern
for the present and future
of the Order.
May they be supported
by our prayers
and by the motherly presence
of the Virgin Mary,
so that what they do
may benefit the Church and our Order
and so witness our love
for you and all your people.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word (Lk 1: 38)

To the Virgin of the “Fiat”

Holy Mary,
lowly servant of the Lord
and glorious mother of Christ,
we greet you.
Faithful Virgin
and sacred bearer of the Word,
teach us
to be aware of the call
of the Spirit
and to know life in the hearing of the Word:
the Word we hear in the profound depth
of our own hearts,
the Word spoken in the lives
of our brothers and sisters,
the Word spoken in the world around us
in the crises of our times.
Attentive Virgin
and woman of prayer,
receive the prayer of your Servants.